Urgo dressings city heel bulbs box of 5


SKU: 4804451 Urgo dressings bulbs city heel box 5

features hydrocolloid dermo-restoring second skin for the treatment of the bulb. Box 5 dressings. Indications to relieve and heal any discretion. how to use URGO treatment bulbs heel? 1. If the bulb is pierced, clean with SOAP and water, and apply an antiseptic 2.otez marked protective paper Urgo and warm your dressing in the Palm of your hand 3.decollez gently your dressing from its holder plastic avoiding to put your fingers on the part adhesive 4.Appliquez on clean, dry skin by positioning the central part of the dressing directly on the bulb 5.Lissez carefully edges to optimize its stickiness. Tips: * dressing will take off by itself after 2 to 3 days. * never cut a bandage Urgo Processing Bulbs. * Do not reuse a same dressing. * contraindicated in case of infection