Syntholkine Roll'On Massage 50ml

Roll on massage feeling heat relaxes and promotes muscle recovery

Manufacturer: Syntholkiné



SKU: 9753155 Syntholkine Roll'On Massage 50ml


To relieve muscle tension and relax, nothing better than a massage. Syntholkine is inspired by physiotherapists methods by offering an efficient and convenient, ready to use solution: Roll - on. It facilitates the massage, casual relaxes your muscles and you.

directions for use:

Tilt roll - on vertically, perform rotational movements with emphasis on muscles contracted, massage prolonged, well close the CAP after use. it can be used on all parts of the body (back, thighs, calves...)


Do not use :-Children less than 15 years, -In pregnant or lactating women, -if allergic to any of the components (menthol, oils essential ousalicytales) Paraben