Syntholkine patches heating back 2 patches

allows you to effectively relieve muscle pain

Manufacturer: Syntholkiné



SKU: 4555290 SyntholKine heating patches indications: box 2 heated patches (Sun 13 X 9.5 cm). Patch heating self-adhesive Syntholkine to effectively relieve muscle aches. 8 hours, its innovative system broadcasts in depth a heat therapy. Comfortable and flexible, the heating patch was specially designed to fit perfectly the contours of the body and follow your movements. In addition, it is easy to apply and remove. Discrete and without smell, you can carry it everywhere you go. The Syntholkine patch contains heat agents (iron, activated carbon, water..) which heats naturally in contact with air. In 20 to 30 minutes, it reaches its maximum heat level. The diffusion of heat will increase the blood flow, improve oxygen and essential nutrients intake and facilitate the elimination of toxins. Tips for use: do not open the pouch until use. apply the patch on the painful area and let sit for about 8 hours.