Sterimar suffers water of sea Spray 100ml Solution

Water for hygiene nasal, naturally mineralized, rich in sulphur, trace element known in the process of reconstruction of the respiratory mucosa infected diseases

Manufacturer: Sterimar



SKU: 7688353 Sterimar suffers water of sea Spray 100 ml Solution

Solute for humidification and nasal hygiene especially adapted to the sensitive noses of adults and children over 12 years, mucosal assaulted by the recurrent illnesses or chronic throughout the year. Council of use: in washing by parish priest of 10 to 15 days. can be used daily at any time of the day. . carefully insert the nasal tip , . exert brief pressure on the mouthpiece, . apply 2 to 4 sprays per day. the microdiffusion of product can make want to blow his nose, which is quite normal. Ingredients: seawater 31,82ml to 100ml sodium Thiosulphate pentahydrate 10% sterilized rendered isotonic. inert propellant gas pressure vessel. bottle 100ml spray (+ tip plastic electrothermical)