Sterimar Hygiene of ears ear 50ml Spray

SKU: 4030239 Sterimar Hygiene of ears ear Spray 50 ml


Laboratories Sterimar are the nose and the ears hygiene specialist for 30 years.It is the first sea water at physiological concentration for nasal and aural hygiene.

Sterimar Hygiene of ears, is an ear spray recommended adult to gently wash the external ear canal while respecting its anatomy. it rids your ear of impurities, it prevents the formation of earwax plugs if use you it regularly. it is very well tolerated by the wearers of hearing aids. Specially designed not to injure the eardrum, it ensures manoeuvrability and safety thanks to its tip, it provides a pleasant sensation of cleanliness to the ears and restores the comfort ear.

operating Sterimar Hygiene of ears Spray Tips:

make 1 to 2 sprays per day in each ear. do not use if damaged skin, fragile or painful ear or beginning of otitis.


Dilution of sea water 100% natural fitree Unpreserved.