Schwarzkopf Professional BC Moisture Kick mask moisturizer 200ml

mask hydrating Moisture kick of Schwarzkopf Professional for the hair to dry.
Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional


SKU 8723865 Schwarzkopf BC Professional Moisture Kick mask moisturizer 200 ml

Schwarzkopf offers a range of professional quality products adapted to each type of hair. Thus, they retain brilliance and health.


Moisture kick is the range of the hair to dry. This range is made for brings a maximum of moisturizing your hair.

Schwarzkopf has therefore developed BC Moisture Kick mask moisturizing hair coarse.

indications BC Moisture Kick moisturizing mask:

He participated in the regeneration and intensive hydration of the dehydrated hair and rough.
your hair finds health, strength and flexibility.


  • Soothes and softens dry and brittle hair.
  • Prevents the dehydration process.
  • Strongly hydrated water shortage hair.
  • Revitalizes dry and dull hair and gives them shine.
  • Protects the fragile and brittle tips during styling.

operating tips:

Thoroughly rinse the hydrating mask, then spray a small amount of BC Spray-balm moisturizer on the ends and dry as usual.

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