Scholl corn horns 8 dressings dressings

Relieves immediately, favors the elimination of the cor, water resistant

Manufacturer: Scholl

SKU: 4698233 Scholl corn horns 8 dressings dressings

Overview : Scholl researchers have developed corn for horns of Scholl Pharma Dressings to ensure a targeted action against the horns. -disk coricide acts directly on the horn while preserving the healthy skin around it. -soft protective dressings immediately relieve the pain and pressure on cor. -Adhesive tested dermatologically. operating tips : the duration of treatment is usually 3 to 5 days. Feet must be clean and dry. Remove the coricide from its support. Place it on the center of the Horn, part adhesive skin side. Apply a slight pressure to well adhere. apply the protective dressing. Attach using the tabs of the dressing. Use daily until softening of the cornea area.