Saugella Girl pump 200ml bottle


SKU: 4731580 Saugella Girl pump 200 ml bottle

For girls 4 to 12 years

This cleansing emulsion is cleaner soft and specific for daily intimate hygiene of girls, natural extracts of Mallow and calendula which give actions anti-inflammatory, soothing and decongestant, it has a physiological Ph suitable for girls prone to irritations and inflammations and allows proper intimate hygiene, thanks to the synergistic action of natural extracts of Mallow and calendula , it allows :-anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and softening action -moisturizing action, decongestant and soothing in case of itching, reinforced by the presence of milk oats and rice proteins that give the mucous membranes a great elasticity.

Packaging: pump bottle 200 ml.