Saugella Natural Antiseptic Wipes x 15

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Soft thyme-based intimate cleansing wipes.

Manufacturer: Saugella



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Intimate wipes in soft, durable fabric, soaked Saugella natural antiseptic lotion, natural extracts of thyme. Practical, they allow an effective and refreshing hygiene at any time of the day.


Saugella natural antiseptic wipes are particularly suited for use: - During menstruation. - During pregnancy.- After childbirth .- In places where risk of infection is higher (pool, sports halls, beach etc.) - For travel and on the go. Wipes can also be used as care of hygiene in case of urinary incontinence, to prevent unpleasant odours.

Recommended Use:

Use once to twice a day on at-risk areas. May be used in compliment with yeast infection treatments. 


Contains thyme and sage extracts.


Pack of 15 anti-septic cleansing wipes.

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  the 09/02/2019
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