Sanoflore water floral Chamomile Noble Bio 200ml

floral Chamomile water is recommended to soothe sensitive skin.

Manufacturer: Sanoflore



SKU: 5434312 Sanoflore water floral Chamomile Noble Bio 200ml


This chamomile extract, high purity, is obtained from the distillation of white flowers, by a process of water vapor, which preserves all the powerfully active properties of this plant. This way of extraction gives birth, a rare and precious water to the healing and soothing.

Sanoflore real water floral Chamomile Noble Bio consists of organic Chamomile distilled and fresh, soothing and softening on the skin, and illuminatrices virtues and lightening on hair blonde or chestnut clear. paraben free, it is a composed undiluted organic floral water in 99% of ingredients of natural and from farming organic. care otion recommended to soothe sensitive skin, and to illuminate the hair.

Tips for using floral water of Chamomile:

soak a cotton floral water of Chamomile Sanoflore and pass the cotton gently on the skin, or misting on dull and blond hair to bring brightness and light.