Sanoflore cloud of fresh Deodorant ball 24 Lot of 2 x 50ml


SKU: 2625454 Sanoflore cloud of fresh Deodorant ball lot 2x50ml


Sanoflore laboratories were designed for sensitive skin freshness cloud, a deodorant effective ball 24 hours. In fact, no Aluminum salt, paraben and alcohol-free, it does not irritate sensitive skin.

Association of organic essential oils fight against the bacteria responsible for bad odours. In addition, its formula to the Perlite acts as a sponge to humidity without blocking the breathing of the skin. It keeps soft and dry armpits 24 hours.

Fragrance Recalling the cotton blossom will leave on your skin a sensation of comfort and relaxation.

Tips for using Sanoflore cloud of freshness:

Apply deodorant ball cloud of cool morning under the armpits after showering.