SAFORELLE Miss care respondent and body 250ml

Care intimate and body for girls, cleanses and soothes

Manufacturer: Saforelle



SKU: 9927738 Saforelle Miss intimate care and body 250 ml

Body and intimate care for daily grooming of small girls. infants toilet requires specific care. The girls also. 'Ca pique, it scratches, it burns': from 4 years, the skin and the sensitive mucous membranes of girls are often prone to dryness and irritation. specially adapted to their needs, the gentle cleansing base of Saforelle Miss contains Marshmallow spike to moisturize and natural extracts of burdock to soothe daily. * natural assets for the Miss : -natural extracts of Marshmallow to the moisturizing and emollient properties participate in better hydration of the vulvar area prone to drying out frequently. -formulation enriched with burdock, recognized for its soothing and softening, properties allows a daily toilet smoothly. -its vegetable SOAP-free cleansing base washing without drying and leaves a film protector soft. * for optimum tolerance : -hypoallergenic formula * without parabens, phenoxyethanol, without dyes. -packaging without phthalates. -tested Pediatric. * designed for a pleasant toilet : -pump a bottle so that girls use easily the product all alone. -a pink universe and a little mischievous mascot inspired by the Japanese for Kokeshis a toilet even more playful. -a "grenade" scent light and fresh to make more pleasant toilet. * Approved by moms * : -95% of moms are satisfied with Saforelle miss. -95% of moms would recommend Saforelle Miss to a friend for his child. -For 95% of moms, Saforelle Miss fits the toilet daily. * operating tips : Saforelle Miss is formulated for daily hygiene. It is also recommended to prevent irritation and for the appeasement of the mucous membranes. is used as a detergent 1 to 2 times per day, as needed. Then rinse and dry without rubbing. from 4 years, until puberty.