SAFORELLE - Florgynal buffer Protection normal offer Eco box 22

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Buffer protector and controller of the vaginal flora

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SKU: 5112548 Saforelle - Florgynal buffer Protection normal offer Eco box 22

Properties: Florgynal buffer probiotic maintains the balance of your vaginal Lactobacilli flora, which are the most numerous bacteria of the normal vaginal environment, are there to prevent the development of germs pathogens. prolonged action: the State of device unauthorised vaginal flora can be improved da sustainably if you regularly use Florgynal buffer probiotic during the rules. scientific evidence : Florgynal buffer probiotic naturally strengthens your defenses against the vaginal infection. florgynal buffer probiotic showed that it reduced vaginal discomfort, like irritation, pruritus or bad odors. operating tips: Florgynal buffer probiotic is very safe use. Florgynal buffer probiotic should be used as a normal buffer, only during menstruation.

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A. Anonymous
  the 19/12/2018
5/ 5
It is a good product