SAFORELLE-cleansing care washing sweet Lot of 2 x 250ml

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SKU: 2541177 Saforelle care washing Duo 2x250ml


Gently cleanses and soothes irritations. Its mild alkaline pH and burdock extracts to limit the development of fungal infections while respecting the vaginal flora. Its very soft components also make hygiene for mucous membranes and sensitive skin treatment.

Tolerance: without SOAP, dye or conservative. Hypoallergenic (formulated to minimize the risks of allergies). Cutaneous and mucosal all parts tolerance tested.

operating tips:

External use as a detergent well rinse.


Saforelle care Lavant soft is available in bottles of 100 ml. 250 ml and 500 ml.

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P. Elena
  the 02/01/2021
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