RapidWhite light blue 2 hour teeth whitening system

Makes up to 5 shades whiter teeth

Manufacturer: RapidWhite

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SKU: 9738345 RapidWhite system of bleaching of teeth light blue 2 hours

Properties: system Rapid White Light Blue is a gentle treatment that whitens teeth for up to 5 shades in 2 hours, giving a smile radiant, whiter and younger without the use of peroxide. Simple job, practical and safe, this system was designed for use at home in any simplicity. operating tips : for adults only. brush your teeth gently. -step 1: apply the throttle by pressing and sliding it along the surface of all the teeth to be bleached. -2nd stage: apply carefully gel whitening on each tooth bleach. -3rd stage: enable processing taking the UV lamp near your teeth for 4 minutes. For more comfort, apply your lips around the lamp to hold it in place. Wash the lamp after each use. finish the treatment with the neutralizing bath of mouth. Use the included professional color chart to see the evolution of money laundering. The total duration of treatment is 2 x 4 minutes of usage per day over two weeks.