RAP Phyto Gel legs light set of 2 x 150ml

Gel to soothe, relax and tone the legs in order to have the legs.

Manufacturer: Iprad

SKU: 2643624 Rap Phyto Gel legs light lot 2 x 150ml


The Iprad laboratory develops, since its creation, health and wellness products designed to improve daily.

Rap Phyto legs light is a gel for men and women with heavy and tired legs.

Indeed, this gel will:

  • relieve Brown of India through and to the butcher's broom,

  • relax and

  • tone tired and heavy legs through the Crowberry.

Legs found all their lightness throughout the day.

More, with menthol it contains, this gel provides an effect of immediate and intense freshness to the legs. The gel penetrates quickly and does not stick. It leaves the skin soft without drying.

Rap Phyto Gel light legs operating tips:

Apply the gel 2 times per day by doing the massage from the bottom to the top.

Rap Phyto Gel can be applied directly on the tights for easy use in the day.

Wash your hands after each application.


Gel paraben, phenoxyethanol, fragrance and dye.

Rap Phyto Gel can be used safely during pregnancy.