RAP Phyto Gel leg light 150ml

SKU: 9820199 Rap Phyto Gel leg light 150ml

Overview : real boost freshness, Rap Phyto Gel helps you find light legs throughout the day. of enforcement, Menthol provides an intense, immediate and prolonged freshness effect to relieve your tired legs. Brown of India and the small Holly are recognized for their decongestant properties and soothing, Crowberry for its toning effect Rap Phyto Gel penetrates quickly does not stick and has been specially formulated to leave the soft skin after application. For optimum tolerance: without parabens, fragrance, phenoxyethanol or dye. operating tips : in case of tired legs, apply Rap Phyto Gel 2 times per day per massage from the bottom to the top. can be applied on the tights. Recommended for pregnant women. Wash hands after application.