ProRhinel tips disposable 10 soft ear

Flexible and soft disposable tips for nasal baby hygiene.

Manufacturer: Novartis

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SKU: 2034629 ProRhinel tips disposable 10 soft ear

Babies are fragile. It is therefore important to well deal with their toilet. Indeed, they easily catch diseases such as colds. Therefore, daily cleaning their noses in order to provide them with good health. Evacuation of nasal secretions thus reducing the risk of complications of colds such as infections of the ear, sinus or cough.


ProRhinel developed for nasal hygiene babies a ProRhinel spray and a fly baby ProRhinel. this baby ProRhinel fly is to use sleeves ProRhinel.

ProRhinel tips are soft disposable tips for single use. They are gentle and hygienic. They allow the noses of babies. Indeed, the noses of babies is recommended when they are congested nose, as often as necessary, especially before meals.

ProRhinel fly and ProRhinel tips are designed to clear the nose of babies. They evacuate smoothly nasal secretions.

These disposable tips soft are perfectly suited to the baby's nose. Each tip is contained in a single package. It contains a filter absorbing retains the mucus and thus ensures good nasal hygiene.

The nose of the infant is dsencombr. The baby breathe better and feel better.

operating ProRhinel tips disposable tips:

Clean the nose of the baby with the nasal spray ProRhinel.

Put a disposable tip ProRhinel on ProRhinel fly baby.

Blow the nose with ProRhinel fly baby.

Wipe the rest of nasal secretions.


Do not use the product if it is broken or damaged. For reasons of hygiene and contamination, the tip is for single use.

For any other questions, seek advice from the pharmacist.