Phytosun Aroms oil essential Cypress 10ml


SKU 4883812 Phytosun Aroms Cypress 10 ml

decongestant venous, vasoconstrictor and healing, particularly in cases of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
Antitussive, mucolytic and antispasmodic.
Neurotonic and rebalancing general there is nervous fatigue or exhaustion due to a bad power supply.
Rebalancing nervous during the menopause.

Cupressus sempervirens o.p. twigs.

the oil of Cypress Phytosun Aroms, recommended for disorders of the circulation is, however, very versatile.

operating tips:
Oral: 1 drop by taking 3-5 times per day.
Dermal: 1 drop pure locally.
Dissemination: Yes.

aged 3.

formulation complete:
a-pinene, D3-carene, Cedrol.

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