Parasidose Lotion Repulsives oils essential 100 ml

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Prevention of long term against the infestation of lice

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert



SKU: 7032523 Parasidose Lotion Repulsives oils essential 100 ml

What's the point? if your child has not yet caught lice or if you have dealt with it and it should return in an infested environment, you can use the Parasidose repulsive lotion and avoid a (re) contamination. Presented in a 100 ml bottle with a spray without propellant, the PARASIDOSE lotion protects against the attack of the lice. how it works? the PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion is composed of a repulsive active substance the Repellent 3535 . A combination of essential oils complete the formula. The action of the PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion is immediate and long lasting. A remanence of 48 h has been demonstrated scientifically. when and how to use it? usage is very easy. Spray evenly on the hair and scalp without forgetting the nape of the neck and behind the ears which are popular places for lice. In period of infestation, the operation may be renewed every 48 hours before departure at school or after the shampoo. The PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion rinses. who? the PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion is suitable for children over 36 months and adults Tips: -is better than cure. As soon as the school reports the presence of lice in the establishment, use repellent lotion to avoid any contamination. -Attach the hair of the children. -regularly Inspect the head of your children to the light. -Avoid exchanges of beanies, scarves, combs, brushes or headphones, very frequent transmission networks