Nutergia Ergysport Oligo Max lemon 500ml

SKU: 2901908 Nutergia Ergysport Oligo Max lemon 500 ml


ERGYSPORT OLiGOMAX is a formula based on the athlete's nutritional needs assessed by the AFSSA. Preparation built from clay and marine waters, it brings the whole of trace elements, is particularly rich in copper, zinc and chromium which contribute respectively to the transport of iron in acid-base metabolism, to maintain the blood glucose. Manganese and copper are involved in energy metabolism, zinc and chromium to macronutrients. Zinc contributes to protein synthesis and the functioning of the immune system. Magnesium supports muscle function and participates in the reduction of fatigue.

Ergysport Oligo Max operating tips:

take 2 caps-dose daily away from meals.


Filtrate water clay and salt sea water concentrate, fructose extract from fruit, citrate of magnesium and potassium, natural flavour; conservative: potassium sorbate; sulphate of copper and manganese, zinc chloride and chromium, iron gluconate, molybdate and sodium; acidifier selenite: acid lactic.