NetLine wax Institute berries 250ml
NetLine wax Institute berries 250ml
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NetLine wax Institute berries 250ml

Manufacturer: Netline

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wax high-tech fruits of the forest Netline, the Institute at home.
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NetLine wax Institute Fruits of wood 250 ml


wax high-tech fruits of the forest Netline, the Institute to home. 250 ml jar with 2 wooden spatulas to adapt to the specificities of each area of epilation.

Netline, unwanted treatment specialist, has developed a range of bleaches and depilatory products highly diversified, in order to solve the specific problem of each of you. to eliminate hairs and superfluous duvets, making each skin a verdant, everything smooth smooth and silky, Netline offers the choice between three product lines for discolor them depilatory cream, hot wax or cold wax. Whatever the method chosen, Netline provides ease of use, extreme minimization of potential skin reactions and results performance.

A professional wax very high-tech, soft and fragrant as a treat. Thanks to its Institute formula, NETLINE wax Institute combines for you in a single product, any effectiveness of wax to the latest technical advances, exalting your senses with a delicately scented and colored wax, so the removal of duvets, eyebrows, armpits and legs is also a pleasure. operating tips:

Remove cover and heat the wax in a microwave oven (1 to 2 minutes at full power). Apply the wax using the spatula adapted to the concerned waxing area. Tip: collect the wax and then turn the spatula on itself to avoid the wax file and spread it on the area to be epilated in a layer of 2 to 3 mm thick, in the direction of the hair's growth. After a few seconds, once the wax cooled (wax sticks more to the touch), remove hardened wax with a quick gesture, in the direction opposite to the hair's growth. It is more necessary to use strips of cloth. For more softness, conclude the depilatory care by the application of oil to NETLINE Azulene.

Control the temperature of the wax in order to avoid any risk of burn. Use only on a healthy, dry skin and without a trace of body fat. Do not use NETLINE wax Institute immediately after a bath or on wounds, varicose veins or buttons. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. Observe the operating instructions.

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