MoustiKologne Lotion Repulsive tick 90ml

SKU: 4530893 Moustikologne Lotion Repulsive tick 90 ml


La Lotion Repulsive tick Mousticologne brings protection against ticks, horseflies, and black flies. Effective for 8 hours, it is suitable for people over 2 years as well as women speakers.

Los walks in forests, it allows to specifically remove ticks, horseflies and black flies for your greater tranquility. presented in the form of a spray without gas icaridine based, it protects you up to 8 hours against ticks. pleasant fragrance its non-oily texture in the background real assets for use whenever you have need.

Tips for using Lotion tick:

  • spray Lotion on legs, arms and clothing to ensure optimal protection.
  • Renew in the application several times each day depending on sweating.