Modilac Nutrifibres 8 cereals from 6 months + 300g

cereals and fibers for baby from 6 months.
Manufacturer: Modilac
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SKU 9660206 Modilac Nutrifibres 8 cereals from 6 months + 300g


The cereals Nutrifibres 8 cereals laboratories Modilac have been specially developed to accompany food diversification and meet the nutritional needs of your baby from 6 months and up to 3 years, in accordance with the regulations. The benefits of Modilac cereals Nutrifibres 8 cereals :

  • they contain Prebiotics (FOS and inulin), soluble fibers that promote the development of a protective intestinal flora and contribute to improving intestinal transit.
  • they contain 8 cereals (including 2 whole grains) selected for their high nutritional quality and their wealth in fibre.
  • Modilac cereals contain calcium, iron and 13 vitamins to grow.

Without dye and preservative, Modilac cereals Nutrifibre is without added sugars, not used to your baby too sweet tasting, it contains naturally occurring sugars. Cereals Nutrifibres participate in your baby's digestive comfort and arouse her taste buds thanks to their delicious taste and texture melting.

Modilac Nutrifibres operating tips:

  • pour the milk at room temperature or warm, depending on the taste of your baby, into a cup and add the recommended amount of cereals.
  • Mix until smooth and creamy.
  • Check the temperature of the preparation. Give the spoon immediately.

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