Modilac Maribelle milk 1 age 800g

infant milk for infants 0-6 months.

Manufacturer: Modilac

SKU: 2133917 Modilac Real_girls milk 1 age 800g


After childbirth, some women do not wish to or cannot breastfeed their babies. But the infant milks of today are more resemble breast milk. They cover completely the nutritional needs of infants.

Modilac laboratories are experts in infant nutrition. Milk Modilac Maribelle 1 age powder is suitable for infants from birth up to 6 months. All infants having no special concerns in their diet may take this milk Maribelle. In addition, it is suitable for their still fragile digestive system. It provides protection and balanced growth.

this Real_girls milk contains nutrients in breast milk:

  • protein intake controlled ,

  • of iron to defend the body of the infant,

  • vitamins for healthy development,

  • useful development neurosensory, fatty acid

  • calcium for good bone building.

Thus, this milk can be taken from birth or breastfeeding relay.

Milk Maribelle 1 age therefore provides good growth for infants from birth.

Modilac milk Real_girls operating tips:

Clean and sterilize the bottles and utensils necessary for its preparation. Pour in the bottle of water required (approximately 90ml for a baby from 0 to 1 month). The water should be low mineralized. Then fill the pod of powdered milk. Levelling the pod on the edge of the box provided for this purpose. Add the number of corresponding pad, i.e. 1 pod in 30 ml of water (3 pods for a baby from 0 to 1 month).

Then close the bottle. Roll the hands to facilitate the dissolution of powdered milk and then shake it strongly.

Finally, before giving the bottle, make sure that the temperature is good by pouring a few drops on the wrist.


Do not add sugar in the bottle. Use powdered milk in the 3 weeks following the opening. A store in a cool and dry.