Milical Extra Artichoke Detox 70ml

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Milical Artichaut Detox 70Ml


 Artichoke traditionally recognized as having detoxifying properties, the Milical laboratories have developed a dietary supplement derived from artichoke.

The latter is recognized to facilitate the eliminatory functions of the body and the functioning of the liver.

Extra-Artichoke is:

Specific: artichoke extract titrated in cynarin: 30mg per dose.

Pleasant: slightly tangy taste of apple juice.

Innovative: single-use vials.

Simple Usage: a vial per day for 7 days.

How to Use:

Dilute 1 dose in a large glass of water, take 1 dose per day preferably before meals, during 7 days.


Water, concentrated apple juice, dry leaves of artichoke extract (Cynara cardunculus) 720mg or 5.4g equivalent dried plant, maltodextrin, preservative: potassium sorbate.


7-days 70ml