Mercurochrome Rape and Lime


SKU: 2050942 mercurochrome RASP and file

Properties: This grater combines stainless steel to remove calluses and corns, and Emery for an interview and a smoothing of the feet while. sweetness - the surface the more rapante is composed of steel, a material that allows to eliminate all roughness more important, thick and hard - surface smoothing is composed of Emery, a specific material which did not assault the skin of your feet. This more delicate surface softens small irregularities and gum skins dead. thanks to this grater, gradually, the skin of the foot becomes smooth and thus find all its softness and flexibility. Ergonomic, it allows to remove carefully and smoothly the calluses. operating tips: use once a week on dry feet for steel. Start preferably by rapante stainless steel face. Gently rub the horny and rough foot areas. Complete by face finishing sandpaper to eliminate the last impurities and smoothing the skin. After each use, clean the sides under hot water and allow to dry.