Mercurochrome patches button of fever 15 patches

Patches for the healing of the fever blister.
Manufacturer: Mercurochrome


SKU 2050143


Mercurochrome offers patches promoting the healing of the fever blister. Discrete patch sticks directly on the fever blister in order to form a protective film against external aggressions.

More its assets decrease feelings of discomfort. The restorative gel contained in each patch allows optimal healing. Finally, the patch allows to limit contamination.


Device against the foot button.

Operating tips:

Clean the area infected lip and ensure that it is dry before application. Do not apply cream or lotion. Separate patch of the plate. Remove the first part of the white protective paper.

Apply the first part of the patch on the fever blister, centering on the area. Once the patch is placed on the area of the affected lip, gently remove the second remaining part of the white protective paper.

Smooth the patch with your finger so that it stays in place. The product may discolor during the absorption of exudates. The dressing can be left in place for up to 5 days in the absence of infection.

To remove the patch, stretch the skin around the button and gently remove.


15 patches

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