Mercurochrome Cup horns

Cup-horns with ergonomic handle.

Manufacturer: Mercurochrome

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This laboratories Mercurochrome horns shots was developed to remove corns, calluses and dead skin from your feet. This Cup-horns anti-callosites is easy to use to remove corns, calluses and dead skin located under the heel. In regular use, your heel is again smooth and thus find softness and flexibility. its ergonomic handle allows a good grip and thus limits the risk of cuts. practice, lot of 10 sold with your horns cut replacement blades guarantees you use over the long term. 10 double-edge blades are easily replaceable.

Tips for using Mercurochrome Cup horns:

Well to dry the feet after washing. Ask the horns cut flat on the area to be treated. Hold the handle loosely with one hand without support and without pulling the skins. Cut the horns and skin by very light repeated friction surface. Remove gently as possible dead skin and smooth using a file. To the underside of the heel, the movement must be done from the bottom to the top. Avoid making too many passages in the same place. After using the Cup-horns, rinse with hot water and dry it well. Double edged blade must be changed when it is worn.