Medela bottle Calma 250ml

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Bottle Calma + tip Calma, innovation in the service of breastfeeding.

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Bottle Calma was developed by the laboratory Medela breastfeeding. This bottle was inspired by nature, thanks baby. with the Tip Calma milk cannot get away with a depression by the baby. So it uses the same feeding behaviour to the breast. He has control of his consumption of milk and aspire, swallowed and breathe according to its natural rhythm. He remains attached to the breast and applied levels of different vacuum, a basic level to a maximum level. Baby keeps its comfort, due to breaks and repire at its own pace between two aspirations of milk. baby fed with Calma drinks calmly, to breathe regularly and maintenance a level of oxygen saturation and a level of heart rate comparable to those of a child to the breast.

Medela bottle Calma operating tips:

unscrew the CAP, the bottle fits tires-milk of the range Medela. it is recommended to sterilize hot or cold before use.

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