Mavala Cuticle Remover 10ml

To remove the small skins of the contour of the nail
Manufacturer: Mavala


SKU 0091501



Mavala laboratory, specialist for the care and beauty of the nails, offers a complete line of products that meet all nail problems.

Mavala Remover to remove the small skins of the contour of the nail. Indeed, this emollient water gently removes small superfluous skin and thus makes the contour of the nail uniform and net. The cuticles are so repulsed.

Tips for using Mavala Remover:

Remove nail varnish.

Then apply using the brush a layer of emollient water at the edge of the nail. Wait a minute, then gently roll the cuticles backwards using the stick, included in the package, coated cotton.

Never use metal instrument to push cuticles.

For best results, use stool softener water once a week.


Product manufactured in Switzerland in Geneva.

This product contains an alkaline agent.

Avoid contact with the eyes, otherwise rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Do not use this product on irritated, inflamed, or chapped skin.