Mavala solvent for nail polish 50ml

SKU: 0091121 Mavala solvent for nail polish 50 ml


The Mavala laboratory designs products for the beauty of the hands as the varnish, care and solvents.

Mavala solvents Nail Polish is a solvent indicated to eliminate effectively and smoothly nail varnish.

, S a classical and efficient formula removes varnish very quickly. It is recommended for all nails with the exception of fragile and delicate fingernails.

Nails are cleaned and soft without be withered.

Tips for using Mavala nail polish removers:

Soak a cotton with remover and press firmly on the nail. Keep the cotton until the varnish detaches and remove a gesture. Wash the hands thoroughly then.

A second application is necessary, if there are several layers of varnish or if it is dark.


keep this product out of reach of children. Do not swallow.