Mavala cuticle 15ml cream

SKU: 0091401 Mavala cuticle 15 ml cream

Cuticles tend to harden, crack and turn into small unsightly skins if in the treated daily with a specific product.


The Mavala laboratory is the specialist for the care and beauty of the nails. It offers a complete line of products that meet all nail problems

the cream cuticle Mavala keeps cuticles soft and elastic. It softens the skin. Thus, nail cuticles can be smoothly without doing harm to the skin.

Thus, the contour of the nail becomes more uniform.

Addition, this cream does not damage the nail.

Tips for using Mavala cuticle cream:

daily apply cream on the contour of the nail, preferably in the evening.

massage the cuticles by circular movements.

use the stick coated cotton once per week to push cuticles.


Product manufactured in Switzerland.