MASMI towels hygienic night cotton Bio 10 units

bio sanitary towels and cotton for optimum intimate protection.

Manufacturer: Masmi

SKU: 4867173 MASMI towels hygienic night cotton Bio 10 units


bleached without chlorine and dioxin. hypoallergenic they help to prevent the risk of irritation and allergy. Ultrathin for more discretion. with rib. special design for the day and the night. wraped. without fragrance or super absorbent

operating tips:

adhesive fixing for a better maintenance. non-woven fabric cotton with special crosses that avoid that the fibers remain adhered to the skin.


bleached without chlorine and dioxin MASMI does not, in any of its products, the cellulose pulp obtained from the cutting of the trees.Without fragrance or super absorbent.