MASMI towels hygienic maternity cotton Bio 10 units

Towels higeniques in organic cotton, ideal for the maternity stay.
Manufacturer: Masmi


SKU 9732609 MASMI towels hygienic maternity cotton Bio 10 units


Masmi preserves our intimacy, and preserves the planet.

because our well-being should not be provided to the depends on the environment,

Masmi, intimate hygiene products specialist, develops effective and environmentally friendly, intimate safeguards such as sanitary towels of maternity Bio.

composed entirely of certified organic natural cotton, maternity Bio Masmi sanitary towels are absorbent, hypoallergenic and non-irritating, both adapted to heavy blood loss postpartum-related.

free of perfumes, chemical components or viscose, sanitary towels of maternity Masmi offer young mothers natural, safe, and effective protection while preserving the balance of the intimate flora.


Pure cotton certified organic.

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