MASMI pads of feeding cotton Bio 30 units


SKU 9732590 MASMI pads of feeding cotton Bio 30 units


Masmi preserves our intimacy, and preserves the planet. because breastfeeding her baby is a wonderful experience, Masmi specializes in intimate hygiene products, thought the Moms and the planet, by developing the organic nursing pads.

Intimate protection effective and eco-friendly nursing pads Masmi consist fully certified organic natural cotton.

Devoid of perfumes, chemical components or viscose, Masmi nursing pads provide young moms, effective, natural and safe protection against leaks and stains from milk on clothing.

Very soft, thin and ultra absorbent, Masmi Protections slip into the BRA, and will discreetly accompany moms, in all their movements.

operating tips:

Place the breast-feeding in the BRA pad.


100% organic natural cotton.

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