Marie Rose Spray repellent lice 100ml

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Spray repellent Anti lice to hair and textile. Immediate and 8 hours effect.

Manufacturer: Marie Rose

SKU: 096488 Marie Rose Spray repellent lice 100ml


this Spray repellent Marie Rose, lice is a good complement to the lice treatments, it away lice instantly and 8 hours. it applies to hair and tissues (sheets, caps, scarves,...) and provides effective protection, in particular in environment school.

Marie Rose Spray repellent Anti lice tips:

shake well before use. hold spray vertically and spray the product uniformly to 20 cm, on the hair, sheets, or clothes. do not exceed 3 applications per day.

precautions for use:

do not use in children under 30 months and pregnant women. use external only.



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C. Elodie
  the 21/01/2018
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B. Stéphanie
  the 20/10/2017
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