MAM Transition Bottle for Girls 4 months+ 220ml

Transition bottle for babies 4 months and older. Candy Pink.

Manufacturer: MAM

SKU: 816270R


Thanks to its scalable design, this transition bottle is ideal for babies 4 months and upwards.

Step 1: Ultra-soft teat, teat flow 3.

Thanks to its smooth surface and shape, infants instinctively take to feeding with it. 

Step 2: Anti-leak top.

The extra-soft silicone top facilitates the transition from bottle to cup and helps the baby learn to drink as a big little girl. Does not contain Bisphenol A.

Its handles, specially designed for small hands, help babies to learn to drink by themselves.

Compatible with all bottles from MAM.

Anti-leak removable cap to protect the teat when not in use.

Regulatable: can be used as a drinking cup!


Wide opening for easy refilling and quick and convenient cleaning.


Contains no bisphenol A.


220ml bottle.