MAM 2 spouts leak 4 months +

This teat "beak" fits all MAM bottles, including new scalable bottles billed leak.
Manufacturer: MAM


SKU 8162653 MAM 2 spouts leak 4 months +


MAM 2 spouts leak 4 months and + are ultra soft silicone nozzles which can greatly facilitate the transition from breastfeeding to breast or bottle to the use of the Cup. They are suitable for infants 4 months and older.

These leak nozzles are compatible with all MAM bottles and are ideal for developing the skills of your baby to drink independently.

The surface of the nipple silicone is very soft in order to give your child a pleasant sensation when using his feeding bottle. 0% BPA.

directions for use:

Clean and sterilized before the first use and every job.

Indication: Passage of the bottle to the Cup for babies from 4 months and more.


Pack of 2 spouts.

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