Luc and Lea teether key fields

Ring of teething Luke and Leah, colored and shaped key, it relieves baby gums.

Manufacturer: Luc et Léa

SKU: 9819693 Luc and La ring of teething Cl des Champs


the growth of your baby first teeth can be painful. To relieve his gums Luc and Lea you offers a Teething ring in the form of Cl des Champs. Designed materials without danger to the health of the child, it is both flexible and rigid. baby can chew soft parts and have fun with the rigid key, colorful part, it is very playful toddler.

Tips for using ring teether key fields:

before the first use, it is necessary to sterilize cold ring. Thoroughly wash the object to clear, soapy water before giving it to your baby. Replace the ring of the slightest sign of wear.