Look K Solution for Contact lens rigid 120ml + case

sterile eye solution for rigid contact lenses in order to decontaminate, clean them and keep them.

Manufacturer: Horus Pharma



SKU: 9527654 look K Solution for Contact lens rigid 120ml + case


Look K is a solution of maintenance listed for gas permeable rigid contact lenses.

In fact, this solution:

  • cleans by removing the protein deposits and helps prevent redialing,

  • keep,

  • lubricates lenses by providing effective moisturizer action to increase comfort and prolong the time to wear lenses.

, Its innovative formula contains the OxyChlorite allowing a high tolerance for eyes preservative.

Tips for using look K:

Use the solution to clean the lenses. This solution can be used in the case to keep the lenses at night.


Product without preservatives.