Ladrome oil essential organic Palmarosa 10ml

Anti-infectives, draining and may also be indicated in cases of stress, irritability or anxiety.

Manufacturer: Ladrome

SKU: 9697882


Organic essential oil


Anti-infectives, very indicated for fight ENT, respiratory and dermatological infections. Draining, it works on cellulite and lymphatic drainage. May also be given in the event of stress, irritability or anxiety.

Tips to use:

Massage: 5 to 10 drops of essential oil mixed with a vegetable oil bath: 15 to 20 drops diluted beforehand in a dispersant dissemination: 1-4 1-2 pm in the living rooms and the room before bedtime


5 to 10 drops diluted in a vegetable oil (massage).


Bottle blue glass - dropper integrated Cap screw - box aluminium on the bottle and the box: lot number - Date limit for optimum use (UBD)