Kayti balm soothing reflorant 50ml


SKU: 6003660 Kayti balm soothing reflorant 50 ml

Overview : 1 balm respondent action probiotic. Adansonia oil soothes instantanemant and limit the influx of reactive cells at the skin level. Complex pre / probiotics naturally stimulates the growth of beneficial flora and strengthens the microbiological defenses. Plant SAP from lys decreases the fragility of the vulvar area and mucous membranes. Then microdiffusion formula releases in depth preview Maydea mucophile, strong power moisturizing and revitalizing, which fight against drought in intimate areas. Tube airless. formula very high tolerance. Paraben, PEG, phenoxyethanol and dye. Use external use method : apply 1-2 doses on the vulva, the triangle and the Jersey. Do not rinse. Do not wipe. Product for everyday use, to use 1 to 2 faith/day (morning or evening). Formula to rapid assimilation. Non-greasy, non-sticky. For best results, use the restorative cream cleanser before applying the balm. Applied locally this treatment promotes the removal of small buttons and limit their arrival.