Juvamine - essential 45 + - curves abdominal 500ml

Based food supplement of plants, vitamin and mineral, with sweetener.

Manufacturer: Juvamine

SKU: 2071130 essential Juvamine 45 + abdominal curves


from 45 years, hormonal fluctuations can be at the origin of a modification of the silhouette of hot flashes and a weakening of the bones and joints. To meet the expectations of women 45 years and older and their needs on a daily basis, the Juvamine laboratories have developed food supplements of the essential range 45 +. essential 45 + abdominal curves is an exclusive formula concentrated assets of plants, vitamins and minerals:

  • helps narrow waist. Fennel and papaya help refine waist. Green tea contributes to the elimination and the destocking of fats.
  • acts on bloating. Papaya acts on bloating, sometimes source of misfortune at the level of the belly and size.
  • promotes digestive well-being. Fennel is involved in reducing feelings of intestinal discomfort.
  • promotes the metabolism of fats. Chromium contributes to the normal metabolism of macronutrients. It transforms if necessary lipids and carbohydrates into energy.

essential 45 + abdominal curves offer a solution to any woman who wishes to a waist size refined.

operating tips:

dilute a dose of 50 ml in a glass of water, 1 time a day.

shake the bottle before use.

10-day renewable program.

a light deposit at the bottom of the bottle is normal.

after opening, store in refrigerator.Drink in the 20 days


cannot replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

keep out of reach of young children.


Water; natural flavour of exotic fruits; an extract of papaya (leaf, maltodextrin, lactose): 0.6%; extract of fennel (fruit, maltodextrin): 0.5%, acidity corrector: acid citric; green tea (leaf) extract: 0.1%; conservative: sorbate of potassium; sweetener: sucralose; vitamin B2; mineral: chromium picolinate.


500 ml.