Jonctum Cica cream repair 30ml


SKU 9653494 Jonctum Cica cream restorative 30ml

Overview :
Jonctum Cica restorative cream has been specially formulated to repair irritated. Its effectiveness is based on a unique formula based on oxacepol 10% which soothes irritations and repairs the skin.
This treatment facilitates the reconstruction of the cutaneous barrier due to its service.

operating tips :
Apply Jonctum Cica 1-2 times per day on skin cleaned and dried.


Oxaceprol, sorbic acid, methylparaben, methyl, trolamine, glycerides saturated polyglycolyses (Labrafil M 2130 CS), stearates trinitrate and macrogol 4000 (Gelot 64), liquid paraffin, purified water.

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