Jolen 16 bands Remover face

hair soft, easy, 2 easy gestures for sensitive skin.

Manufacturer: Jolen

SKU: 7044928 Jolen 16 bands Remover face

Properties Jolen bands depilatory face:

Depilatory strips JOLEN eliminate quickly and smoothly the hairs and unsightly duvets on the face for a long result duration. A single use, Jolen tapes can be used in express editing without leaving any residue on the skin.

Tips for using Jolen bands depilatory face:

On the skin clean and healthy, detaching the Strip from its support and apply smoothing in the direction of the hair implantation. Hold the skin taut and immediately remove a tweak Strip parallel to the shaved area, in the opposite direction of the hair's growth.

To avoid that the wax doesn't stick too much skin you can chalk the area to be epilated.