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K.O. lice is an elimination of lice by mechanical effect of asphyxiation. Perfectly tolerated without danger for the user and without risk of development of resistance by the insect as it contains no insecticides, K.O. lice represents a good alternative to treatments lice traditional. the Dimethicone, coconut oil, vaseline oil and beeswax, by a combined action of wrapping, smother lice who die by esphyxie and dehydration. nourishing cream-gel form allows to avoid the application , and leaves the hair soft, shiny and manageable.

operating tips

Treat infested people the same day to avoid the recontaminations. Use on dry hair, prior run-ins. Applied in sufficient quantity so as to soak up all the hair. get For best results, massage the head for good product, especially around the ears, forehead and nape.

all hair must be covered product specially formulated to not sink. Let stand for 1 hour.Move carefully and slowly comb from the root of the hair to the tips to remove dead lice and nits. In order to avoid any reinfestation, clean the comb after each stint.

rinse the hair with warm water and then use the shampoo usual. renew the application after 7 days to avoid reinfestation.


Is good for 12 months after opening.