Innoxa Mascara Waterproof Black 10ml

Waterproof black mascara to disguise her eye lashes and intensify its look.
Manufacturer: Innoxa
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SKU: 9021235 Innoxa Mascara Waterproof Black 10 ml

Waterproof make-up is revolutionary. It is very uses the summer but also during an evening when you rub your eyes or during intimate moments. Indeed, waterproof makeup resists water, heat and moisture.


the Innoxa laboratory specialises in makeup in pharmacy. In fact, it develops products of make-up for years. Its Waterproof range consists of many ideal products to resist heat, humidity and water.

Innoxa Waterproof black is a water resistant mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes. It allows to make-up the eyelashes to enhance its look. Eyelashes are sheathed one by one without package, for an intense and deep glance.

Furthermore, it respects as bearing lenses eyes sensitive eyes.

Waterproof formula allows optimum handling mascara throughout the day even in contact with the water.

Tips for using Innoxa Mascara Waterproof black:

Apply the waterproof mascara after the eyeshadow or pencil making sure to grab the lashes at the root. Apply mascara on the top of the lashes and then on the bottom.

For a perfect make-up removal, use a waterproof Remover as cleansing lotion Innoxa makeup remover Waterproof.


Produced water resistant.

Product dermatologically tested and manufactured in Italy.