Ialuset Plus Compresses box of 10

2nd degree burns , superficial or deep & infected wounds

Manufacturer: Genevrier

SKU: 7934875 Ialuset Plus Compresses box of 10

product overview:

hyaluronic Acid, silver sulfadiazine impregnated Sponges (10 x 10 cm) Medical Device of class III


2nd degree Burns superficial or deep & infected wounds


track topical. 1 application per day.


Compresses : Clean the wound with saline After removing the 2 protective films, apply to the wound previously cleaned with physiological serum Cover with a gauze sterile. Maintain across by a bandage appropriate. before renewing applications, it is advisable to clean the wound with physiological serum the evolution of the healing of the wound remains at the sole discretion of the physician.

Precautions for use :

adverse : a few eczematisations contact have been reported. photosensitization. in case of open wounds, systemic passage of sulfadiazine exposes the risk of General complications of sulfonamides: hematological, kidney, intestinal and skin; renal or hepatic insufficiency increases this risk. observed cases of leukopenia associated with treatment by sulfadiazine silver. although it has not been reported effect of argyria , this risk cannot be excluded. may occur on the surface of the wound exudate sterile. ialuset Plus does not change the electrolytic balance.


although the dermal absorption is low, cannot exclude the risk of systemic effects. They especially fear that the antiseptic is used on a large surface, under Occlusive dressing on a damaged skin (including burnt), mucous membranes, skin and premature infants (due to the surface-to-weight ratio and the occlusion effect of the layers at the level of headquarters). as soon as preparation for antiseptic sight conditioning, microbial contamination is possible. respect the methods of cleaning and disinfection of burns and wounds , as well as their edges. avoid exposing parts of the body treated with ialuset Plus to bright light (risk of photosensitivity). in patients with renal or hepatic, avoid the application on open wounds, especially the ulcers. compress disposable: do not use if the unit package is damaged. do not exceed the date of use contained on packaging is outside. this medical device must be kept at a temperature below 30 C.


Compresses impregnated : sodium Hyaluronate, sulfadiazine silver. Excipients: agent of viscosity, glycerol, water.