Ialuset more cream 100g

healing of infected wounds and Burns.
Manufacturer: Genevrier


SKU 7934869 Ialuset more cream 100g

Properties Ialuset more cream:

Ialuset Plus is a cicatrising of infected wounds and burns, dermatological primitively bacterial or likely to be infected.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of the fundamental substance of the dermis. It is in all phases of the healing process. It accelerates wound healing and re-epithelialization of the lesions.

Its hygroscopic power maintains a moist environment for the tissue regeneration process.

Silver sulfadiazine is a compound that has antibacterial activity marked, primarily on bacteria.

operating Iasluset more cream tips:

After completing the cleaning of the wound with saline, apply the cream directly to the wound in a thick layer of 2-3 mm thickness.

1 application per day until healing complete.

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